Firewalk Sales School

Growing your business shouldn't be scary or painful.

Get better at sales. Feel great about it.

Be totally "you." Have fun!

Real. Easy. Powerful.



Start with WHY

Ÿ Illuminate your path and get clear on your goals
Ÿ Confirm why what you do is so important
Ÿ Deep dive into the psychographic of your ideal target customer
Ÿ Clear your head trash about being a “salesperson," & regain your spark!


Refine the WHAT

Ÿ Kindle your emails, voicemails, and proposals
Ÿ Craft messaging with care, confidence, & credibility
Ÿ Communicate in a way that's authentic and builds real relationships
Ÿ Ensure that your marketing and sales effort are working in lock-step



Perfect your HOW

Ÿ Ignite an effective process without clients ever feeling "processed"
Ÿ Learn the right mix & timing of all your outreach
Ÿ  Ensure that your prospects never disappear into the "black hole"
Ÿ Plan your work & work your plan

Nobody Wants to be That Guy!

Many business builders are uncomfortable doing the outreach and follow up they need to do to grow sales. They don't want to be "pushy." They're not sure what to say so they don't sound "salesy." They don't want to bother people.

It all feels overwhelming stressful. Yet, they want and need to make more money.

If that sounds like you, this course is exactly what you need!

A Unique Approach: Real. Easy. Powerful.

YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Charlene "Ignites" DeCesare
Founder, Firewalk Sales
CEO & Speaker, Charlene Ignites, LLC

As a successful sales leader and business builder for more than 25 years, "Charlene Ignites" knows exactly where you're coming from. Never a fan of scripts and cheesy sales tactics, her program focuses on principles that allow you to be completely and genuinely YOU. 

You got into business to help people. Doing this, including the sales part, should feel awesome to you and them!

Read more about Charlene on LinkedIn. 

Have questions? Call 1-603-327-9064 or email [email protected]

Sell like a pro with the sales training system that is true to the helper in you.

It's time to end the struggle. Growing your business should feel great... to you and your customers. Let us help you make your sales effort real, easy, and powerful.


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